Media Usage

                After completing my 48-hour media chart, I found that overall I used my cell phone the most; for almost everything actually. I used my texting the most and second to texting was my email account, which I check almost as frequently as my text messages. I used my phone almost 24/7 both days; obviously excluding the on average 7.5 hours a night of sleep I got. I used my television the least as I only had it on for a total of 3 hours over the 48 hour period, and most of the time it was just on as background noise and not actually being watched attentively. As far as communicating with another person…..I am constantly communicating with others whether by choice or not. This is not solely done through texting, but includes Facebook posts or messaging, snapchats, instagram communication and pretty much any form of communication of a social media outlet involves communicating with another person. Whenever I drive, there is music on, so about an hour over the period of time was dedicated to my car radio from driving to and from school as well as driving around Bristol to run errands. Additionally, I always am using my phone to play music, if that can count as a monologic. Almost 24/7 I have music playing, excluding hours that I am sleeping as well as time when I am in class or the two hours I was at work yesterday. Ultimately, every other hour excluding those times, I am playing music. This did not surprise me because I am aware of how much music plays a role in my life and how much I actually listen to it every day. The first thing I do when I wake up is put on music to get me moving, and the last thing I turn off aside from the lights in my room is my music before I go to bed. Based on this exercise, I realized that at school I truly do not have time to just leisurely watch television like I have the ability to do when I am at home. At night while at home I usually watch television with my family, but I noticed more from this that I lose that part of my day because I am constantly moving. Thus, I spend so much of my time on my phone because it is literally attached to me at almost every second of every day. I rely on it so much not just due to social media and enjoyment, but for work, school, and almost everything. This phone is like my portal into reality…well at least the reality that is constructed through media. Without my phone, I would probably lose track of my daily activities, but I would also probably enjoy my days more because I would feel like pressure and less tied down to something. If I could do something differently, I probably would, but it is because I am so busy and because I need to find out what time it is or when I have meetings or when to meet with my friends to grab food that I do need my phone with me. My actions probably will not change much, but I am definitely aware of my habits more and how much I rely on media.


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