On the right side is clearly an actual photo of myself, while to the left is a symbolic representation I drew of myself that contains some aspects of my personality and my interests. I think that what makes this interesting is that the actual photo of me just shows a girl with glasses and a bright smile, by the left image shows what goes on inside her head a little bit. I chose to draw a stick figure at first and then went from there. The image is pretty simplistic and there is obviously more to me than what is drawn on the paper, but it contains the basics. For instance I made my “body” the logo for my favorite band Paramore which holds an extremely significant role in my life. Rather than drawing a face on the figure I wrote “wandered, writer’s mind” which lies inside my head. On the right you see my smiling face, but inside there is a mind which likes to expand itself through writing and photography. One similarity is that I drew wavy hair on the figure and in my actual photo you can see my wavy hair. The main difference is that the photograph of myself is what I truly look like while on the left there are numerous images that I think represent me in a simplistic way. Both representations, I believe have a carefree energy to them which I like. I chose to do something simple and wrote down some key words to support the images I drew. For example I wrote the word EXPLORE and then right above it is the symbol that goes along with it. I drew the symbol for my favorite band and next to it are music symbols to show how important music is to me. I drew ballet slippers as I danced for 11 years of my life and wrote DANCE in large letters. These two words (explore and dance) are written on the figure’s legs as you use your legs to dance and use your legs to walk and explore; two of my favorite things to do. I also drew an open paper with writing on it to demonstrate my love for writing, especially poetry.  I think that from these two images, the two pieces that intersect the most are the sun and the heart which states “give your all” mainly because the photo of myself is bright despite that it’s in black and white and shows me smiling wide; a very content and happy smile that can be attributed to the heart in the image I drew. Its ultimately represents or exudes happiness and the theme of giving love. I did not chose to draw the images I drew based off of the actual Image. In fact, I drew the image before I even took the picture of myself on a different day. Both images were done very separately. Part of what I enjoyed about doing this is that both pieces are “me”, but what makes them me are very different. 


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