Perfume Advertising: Sex Sells

Perfume Advertising: Sex Sells

I chose to focus on fragrance advertising and the prevalence of sex appeal in them. In this perfume advertisement in particular, the single subject is very aware that she is being looked at. Her gaze is straight at the audience. Ultimately, the advertisers used sex appeal in order to promote their product here as she is not wearing any clothing, but rather is laying on her stomach with her bare back exposed and is only draped in the silky pink material that matches the color of the perfume. Selling products by placing women in a sexy and provocative role is a very common theme among advertisements and this one is no different. The females eyes are directly looking at the audience as the catch their attention, her skin looks shiny and golden, and she is barely covered. Thus, this makes audiences believe that this perfume will make them either sexier or more appealing. To men, this captures their attention and makes them want a woman that wears the perfume and to women, it makes them want to buy the perfume in order to be more appealing to men. Thus, both men and women are the targeted audiences for this advertisement even though there is only a woman as the subject itself and it is predominately light pink.


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