Gucci: Men in Power

Gucci: Men in Power

In this advertisement with two people, it is clear that the male holds the more dominant role. This seems to be a common theme in many cologne advertisements where women are placed in more submissive and provocative positions, as if to admire the male and be lesser than him in a way. His gaze is locked on the audience, while hers is locked on him and thus her face is essentially missing from the advertisement all together. Thus, the placement of the individuals in this manner makes the audience look straight to the male. Being that this is an advertisement for male cologne it makes sense that the male is the focus of the ad, however it is done in a very sexy way where the woman almost looks completely dominated by him; painting the image that she would do anything to have him ….as he is wearing the cologne that is. Moreover, what is being shown here is that by wearing this Gucci cologne a man has the power to make a woman want him. This notion of men being in power in advertisements is very common throughout magazines and other forms of media. Often the women is placed behind the male, with her arms wrapped around him, or if she is in front of him she is placed at a lower angle. Here, however, the major point to notice is that his eyes are locked towards the audience while hers are completely lost because all of her attention is placed on the male.


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